Braziliant Adventures

Cooking Class- Desserts

This week’s class was highly anticipated: dessert. We made 3 things: Brigadeiro Ice cream, “Bom bom aberto” and Guava oatmeal bars.

Brazilians are obsessed with sweetened condensed milk, and use it in approximately 99.5% of everything.

Brigadeiro is a sweet with chocolate and sweetened condensed milk, usually rolled into little balls and covered in chocolate sprinkles, but also used in cakes and ice cream and you name it.

Bom bom aberto is a version of “bom bom” which is a fruit covered in a creme made with sweetened condensed milk and eggs, and then covered in chocolate. Our version was in a bowl- cream, grapes, and covered in chocolate. It was heavenly.

Each of us eating the bom bom aberto

Each of us eating the bom bom aberto

Guava is also used in a lot of desserts here, my favorite is called Romeo e Julieta, which is Goiabada (a guava jam sort of) and cheese.

May 4 3

In general Brazilians have an incredible sweet-tooth, and although I’m more of a salty person, I’m getting used to all the sweets here, which could be a problem when I go home…

Photo credit to Monica Watanabe

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