Braziliant Adventures


A Churrasco is a brazilian BBQ, and is one cultural thing/event that I would say is pretty similar to the US, although the food they cook is a little different. It is not just a meal, but lasts the whole afternoon and consists of lots of food, lots of people, music, conversation, and whatever else you can think of. (The food is not burgers and brats though- instead they have more steak-like meat, and higher quality sausages, and at ours we had grilled cheese on a stick. Not sure if that’s a common staple, but it was delicious so I’ll take it).

A few of the residents, some friends and I went on a Sunday to another resident’s parents “Chacara” or country house for an afternoon, and except for getting a little lost on the way there, it was great. I was on the team for starting the fire, which was a little messy but very successful. I also was the self-proclaimed DJ, and introduced everyone to American country among other things.


Summary: Beautiful day, gorgeous house, great food, awesome company, and conversation (quite a lot of asking me to say different things in English, and laughing at how I pronounced American words that they use in Portuguese with an extreme Brazilian accent). The epitome of Brazilian social life.

Photo credit for most of these pictures goes to Monica Watanabe

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