Braziliant Adventures

A Brazilian Easter

As my first Easter away from home, this Easter was really calm and relaxing and another great way to get to know Brazil.

I went to the Holy Thursday and Good Friday services which were beautiful, but overall nothing too drastically different. On Holy Saturday I also went to an exhibit about the Vatican, but I have another post about that. The coolest was the Easter Vigil on Saturday night. I went with 2 friends to São Bento, an old Church in the middle of the old part of the city. The service started at 10:45 so the Gloria was sung almost exactly at midnight. Most of the mass was in Gregorian chant, and overall it was very solemn and beautiful.

Sunday we had a big breakfast, (I definitely was missing out typical Easter brunch with eggs and bacan and mimosas and everything else that is good in this world). However, when Andrea came to visit, my mom sent an Easter basket with her, so I wasn’t without my chocolate bunny, peeps and Jelly Belly-filled plastic eggs. (It was interesting trying to explain to the Brazilians). Instead of chocolate bunnies and the works, here they have MASSIVE chocolate eggs, ie the size of an American football, that are hollow (but thick) and filled with more chocolate pieces (or more chocolate eggs).

I was able to skype my family, both at my family’s house in the morning, as well as when they went to my uncle’s house for the extended family brunch. I was the floating head on the laptop being carried from room to room.

A lot of the residents had gone home for the weekend, but came back in time for dinner, so we all got to be together for that, but the highlight of the day was after dinner. One of the girls plays the guitar really well, and so we set up the projector in the living room and put up song lyrics and had a class A singalong to typical Brazilian music. One hard thing about the cultural barriee is that I miss being able to break out into a round of Disney Music, American Pie, JBiebs, you name it, and have everyone join in. This was a wonderful compromise because I could sing along, and was learninb good typical music in the meantime.

Overall it was a wonderful Easter, filled with a mixture of traditions and quality time with both m American and Brazilian families. (cue cheesy music)

Fancy chocolates that someone gave us.

Fancy chocolates that someone gave us.

Breakfast table with huge chocolate eggs

Breakfast table with huge chocolate eggs

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