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Going to Rome without leaving Brazil

At Ibirapuera, a big park near my house, there has been an exhibit going on for the past few months about the Vatican, that I had been wanting to go to for awhile, and finally got to go on Holy Saturday- the last day of the exhibit #procrastination.

Anyways, it was really, really great, and I wish I had gone earlier so I could have gone back with friends. Oh well. Better once than never. I spent 3 hours there with my friend Maria Teresa, and got to see everything from how the St. Peters was built, all about the Sistine Chapel, a replica of the Pietà, a section about all of the past Popes, art and sculptures from the Vatican museum, the history of missions throughout the world, pieces from the Mass (chalices and vestments used by previous Popes etc). It was really great.

The best part though were the descriptions, and the thoroughness of it all. It represented the Vatican in a historical but also religious light, and explained everything very well so that someone who knew nothing about Catholicism could appreciate it, but also someone with extensive Theological knowledge (and us floaters in the middle).

Here are some pictures I took- there aren’t a lot because it was forbidden to take them 🙂










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