Braziliant Adventures


For my sister Andrea’s spring break my parents let her come and visit me. She was here from March 15-23, and we decided to take the overnight bus and go spend 3 of the 9 days in Rio. I don’t really know what I expected the city to be like, but it was definitely different than I expected (but absolutely beautiful nonetheless).

The first day we went to the beach (Copacabana and Ipanema) and a random military fort because it started to rain. It was pretty chill and just nice to hang out together.


The second day we took someone’s advice and went to the Botanical Garden and I am so glad we did, it was absolutely beautiful, and so nice and calm to walk around and enjoy the huge variety of vegetation (at one point we also came across a family of monkey’s, which Andrea was super excited about until they started getting really close to us and we were afraid they were going to attack us. Might have been an irrational fear but we walked away as possible anyway).

DSC04112 DSC04116 DSC04155

Then we went back to Ipanema and just sat in the sand relaxing. A guy came by selling really cool bracelets so naturally we had him stop so we could look, and we ended up talking to him for awhile, thanks to Andrea’s Catalunya bracelet. Turns out he’s an artisan who iss Argentine and spends 6 months of each year in Barcelona, 4 months in Brazil, and 2 in Argentina. Gold star for meeting cool people.


Friday we decided to go on a group tour of the city that we found out about from a flyer someone handed us on Copacabana. When the guide was 45 minutes late to pick us up we started to get really nervous that it was a scam, but it was just Brazilian time (which apparently is even more relaxed in Rio than in SP). The tour group consisted of a semi-sketch white van, a guide named Bruno with a super thick Rio accent, a driver, us and 10 other people (all couples. I made it my mission to befriend all of them, which sort of embarrassed Andrea, but it was fun, except for one pair that never really warmed up to me haha. The guys was wearing a Packers hat so that was probably why. 1 pair was from Argentina on their honeymoon, another from Portugal with really cool accents, and the rest from parts of Brazil.) On the tour we went to Pão de Açucar, Cristo Redentor, Escadaria Selarón, the Cathedral, and drove around the city a bunch while Bruno explained everything and I attempted to simultaneously translate.

DSC04174 DSC04188
On top of Pão de Açucar and Andrea in front of Pão de Açucar on Morro da Urca, the smaller “hill” next to Pão de Açucar

DSC04242 DSC04251
At Cristo Redentor and on the Escadaria Selaron in Lapa, Rio

Overall, it was an awesome trip, we got to see a lot, Andrea got a little sun despite the clouds, and I can check the Cristo Redentor picture off the bucket-list 🙂 [Actually taking this picture was one of the hardest things ever because clouds would come and cover it completely, but patience paid off]

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