Braziliant Adventures

Sisters in Sampa

While Andrea and I were in São Paulo, we did a bunch of random stuff, some of which was super touristy and some which was pretty random. I don’t think I would get the tour-guide of the year award for showing her around, but I made sure she did all the important stuff (mostly revolved around eating typical foods) so it’s all good.

Some of the stuff we did:

Rented bikes for free and biked down one of the main streets in SP that has a lane reserved only for bikes every Sunday (never mind that it was pouring rain).


Went to the Mercado Municipal and ate a Mortadella sandwich

Went to a Churrascaria and ate chicken heart.

Since I’m already on the subject of food, we also ate Açai, brigadeiro, pão de quiejo, pastel de feira with caldo de cana, feijoada, capirinha, rice with beans and farófa, and about every fruit that exists.

Went to Beco de Batman in Vila Madalena


Showed her PUC (my university)- aka culture shock

Had a picnic in Livraria Cultura


Went to Mass in the Cathedral of Sé


Went to a Feira (open street market that each neighborhood has every week) and bought mangos

Went to a Samba show (of Meninos de Morumbi, a Samba group that some of my friends are in)

Went to the Havainas store

Even though SP is not the most touristic city, tt was really cool to get to show her what I’ve been up to while I’m here, although now that I look back on all the hyperlinks I put into this blog post, she probably could have just read this my blog and saved the airfare

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