Braziliant Adventures

More Food.

This week is Restaurant week in Sao Paulo, so some of the Americans took advantage to try some restaurants that we otherwise wouldn’t have. We were supposed to go on Monday to a Mexican place, but I found out when I was halfway there that we postponed it to Wednesday. I didn’t realize that I had been thinking the whole day about eating Mexican, so when I found out that we weren’t going to go, and that I had to go eat Brazilian food, for the first time I felt sick of Brazilian food.
Don’t get me wrong, the food here is great, but there isn’t a ton of variety, especially for lunch. (Most meals consist of rice and beans, a piece of meat, and a vegetable.) So I went with 2 other Americans to a lanchonete (cafe/sandwich place) and ordered my first burger in Brazil: a “X Egg” (burger, cheese, and egg). It was glorious.
Wednesday we trekked over to the much awaited “Nacho Libre” and it was worth the wait. Granted the Mexican food, if compared to real Mexican was sub-par, as my friend Bri eloquently put it: “It’s the Brazilian version of the American version of Mexican”. BUT the food tasted good, it was a “rodízio” (all you can eat) and the portions were really small so you got to try a little bit of everything. The atmosphere was great, although the American country music threw us off a bit. We will definitely going back.
For dinner I had planned to meet up with my friend Evi near her house, and we ended up at a little French cafe, and both had quiche, and it was also wonderful.
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