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Ode to Public Transportation

Ode to Public transportation:

Today there was a huge storm that turned the whole city upside-down. I took a bus, the metro, and walked about half of my commute. The streets were stopped completely with cars, the bus lane was bumper-to-bumper with buses, all of which were empty (people decided to walk, and even the bus drivers would go out to smoke while waiting). It was kind of cool though, walking on the street with everyone gave me a feeling of solidarity. No one seemed to be complaining really, everyone just went with the flow.

But I realized the other day, that while it takes a long time to get anywhere that’s not within walking distance (the words “It only took me 40 minutes to get here” came out of my mouth the other day- big step in becoming a real Paulistana) there also are a lot of things that are within walking distance. Need something at the pharmacy or grocery store? There is literally one a 2 minute walk away. Really nice to not have to wait until your list is long enough to justify a car trip to the grocery store when you need shampoo right now. There is also probably a shopping mall within a 15 minute walk, as well as a dozen bookstores, restaurants, churches etc.

Moral of the story- there’s a bright side to everything, and if I wasn’t sure before, I’m sure now: I love big city life.

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