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Thoughts on Sampa

I haven’t posted in awhile, so I decided instead of writing about a specific picture/event, I would share a few thoughts about what I think about São Paulo (Sampa) in general.

First, as a finance major, I wanted to come here to get some exposure to the Brazil while it’s in a moment of rapid economic expansion. I’m really lucky because through an ND alum I’m starting an internship at a startup that sells online office supplies called Gaveteiro. While it’s not the first place I would’ve imagine working, it’s actually perfect because there are a tons of people from all over the world coming here to start companies and invest, and I can experience that firsthand through my American and German bosses who are incredibly talented and are trying to build a billion dollar company.

Also, the diversity in São Paulo makes it a great place to study abroad because literally anyone could pass as a Brazilian, so its easy to assimilate and feel that I am just another Paulistana commuting to class, work etc.

Although all Brazilians have the reputation of being super friendly and welcoming (thank you Walt Disney) it’s definitely more true in São Paulo than some other cities. Many cities in Brazil have a very specific heritage (e.g. Rio Grande do Sul is a state filled with blondes of German descent), but São Paulo has people of all backgrounds, (they LOVE to tell you how they have the largest population of Japanese people outside Japan) so everyone is used to meeting different people and is very helpful and welcoming.

I’ve talked about this before, but the rain in this city is unbelievable. (Fun fact, SP has the most incidents of lighting strikes than any city in the world). Rainy season is from November until March, and from what I’ve experienced so far, it rains at least 3 times a week. But when it rains, it pours. The problem is that because SP as a city expanded a lot in a short period of time, it has zero urban planning aka no drainage systems at all. Depending on where you live, this can cause huge problems, and in general it can really screw up your day if you are trying to get somewhere right when a big storm hits. This week there was a massive storm that turned everything upside down. Here’s a cool infographic I found.,80752.htm

That’s all I got for now I think, até logo!

Photo: City of SP taken from an airplane. Photo credit: Tyler James. (Fun fact: The city of SP has over 12 million buildings that are over 15 stories tall).

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