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Today was supposed to be the first day of classes at PUC. I emphasize supposed to be because I showed up to my first class at 9 am, Contemporary Brazilian Economy, and the only people who were there were myself and 2 other Americans. Not even the professor, and the classroom was locked.
Turns out that on the first day (and most of the first week), there is this “event” called Trote, which is basically a school-wide initiation of the incoming freshman, also known as “bixos”. Each program (International Relations, Economics, Psychology etc) has their own traditions, but basically throughout the course of the day bixos get covered in paint, beer, flour, coffee grounds, vegetable oil, eggs, get there hair and clothes cut, and are forced to participate in random activities like begging for money from cars driving down the street.
The upperclassmen stand around in the street behind the school where all these shenanigans take place and drink and reunite with people after summer vacation etc. Then as night goes on people bring out drums and sing and dance in the street.
I was supposed to have another class at 6 pm, but needless to say I didn’t even bother going to see if the professor showed up.
Photo credit: Jessica Pineda

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3 thoughts on “Trote

  1. Jessica Pineda on said:

    Say what? I got a caption giving me credit for the photo?! You go girl! Thanks! 😉

  2. Big Marta on said:

    Omg we do this torturing freshman thing here too! It’s called “novatades”. Oh and it’s so funny how they call the freshman “bichos” hahah. This is so exciting! Love you

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