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Excursion to Anhembi

The family of one of the people I live with has a farm in Anhembi, a town in the state of SP about 3 hours outside the city, so 7 of us took a trip there to spend the day relaxing etc. Unfortunately, it rained almost the whole time, so we watched The Avengers, which I hadn’t seen, and hung out inside for awhile, until I couldn’t take it anymore and decided to go swimming because I would get wet anyways. The house and the surroundings were absolutely beautiful, even in the rain. (Although the sun came out 5 minutes before we left, so that was appreciated). Overall it was a great trip because:
1. I got to see the city of SP from a distance, so now I have a better idea of the size of the city I’m living in (hint: MASSIVE.)
2. I got to see the countryside, which is incredible.
3. I got to know the people that I’m living with better
4. I got to practice my Portuguese and learn specific vocab for things like “toll” (pedágio)

ImageSugar Cane Fields



ImageAmazing View (camera does not do it justice)




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One thought on “Excursion to Anhembi

  1. Wow Monica! Looks absolutely Brazilient, especially the sunlight bursting through the mountains. This is all too exciting!!

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