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First Day of CIEE Classes

Classes here don’t start until February, so for the first month we are here, we are taking intensive Portuguese Language and Culture classes 4 hours a day Monday-Friday. I successfully got to (and from) my house to class on public transportation- 2 buses (approx 35 minutes, no traffic) which was a huge accomplishment. After we finished our first day of class, I went to explore PUC-SP (Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo) where I will be studying this semester. The school takes up one block, and consists of 2 buildings- the old building, which I believe used to be a convent, and the new building (which is still pretty old) and used to be a parking garage. Or so it appears. Here are pictures of the view from the top of the new building, a basketball court between the 2 buildings, some people from my program, and the path between the 2 buildings. There is a lot of graffiti due to protests/student strikes that have occurred there throughout the years, the last being this past November. 

DSC03667     DSC03658



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3 thoughts on “First Day of CIEE Classes

  1. I’m going to assume that ‘democracia ja!’ means ‘democracy yes!’ and PUC Livre has something to do with freedom for the PUC. is this a correct assumption?

    • There was a big student and professor protest last semester. The person who was voted in as director of the university was rejected by the Church who tried to appoint someone who wanted to only let Catholics study there and other extreme policies.

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